The cardiologist named atypical symptoms of a heart attack

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Pain on the left side of the body, pain in the left arm and even the little finger can be signs of a heart attack. Cardiologist Natalya Gavrilyuk said this in an interview with Channel Five.

According to her, sometimes painless heart attacks occur. The fact that a person has suffered a heart attack, the patient sometimes finds out directly at the doctor’s appointment.

When an abdominal infarction occurs, the pain is localized in the upper abdomen. “Very often such a myocardial infarction before, and even now, was confused with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Such patients most often go to surgeons first, ”said the specialist.

A timely ECG and the presence of a cardiologist nearby can save a person’s life.

Arrhythmic infarction manifests itself in the form of various arrhythmias. “There are life-threatening arrhythmias in which the patient may lose consciousness or even develop clinical death,” Gavrilyuk said.

As the cardiologist added, cerebral infarction is explained by an acute disturbance of cerebral circulation, in which there are disturbances in the nervous system.

According to the cardiologist, all atypical forms of myocardial infarction are difficult to diagnose, so people need to understand that absolutely everyone can face an atypical heart attack.