The building near the main post office can collapse at any minute

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Saratov officials came to grips with the state of the Podkletnov House. This information was announced on April 15 at a meeting of the City Protection Council at the Saratov Regional Parliament. Let us remind you that a few years ago a fire broke out in the building on Chapaev Street near the Main Post Office, and cracks began to spread along it. Almost a decade later, renovations began, and it turned out that one of the walls affected by the fire began to collapse. The mayor’s office and the regional department for the protection of cultural heritage objects said that no permission was issued to dismantle or reconstruct the historic building, which became a cultural heritage site of municipal importance in 2020.

As a result, part of the wall collapsed. The house was fenced off. But the threat of collapse remained, the process, as it turned out, entered an active phase.

On April 15, it became known that, although the owners (there are several of them) have been identified, they cannot yet be found. The head of the department for the protection of cultural heritage sites, Vladimir Mukhin, said that they could be forced to restore the building.

“All the same, they will be held accountable. Which one – criminal or administrative – should be decided by law enforcement agencies,” Mukhin concluded.

The owners will be given a prescription, which will spell out the terms for the development of the project and work. Then the documents will be coordinated at the city hall.