The bodies of the crew of the sunken submarine of the Indonesian Navy have not yet been found

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There is still no exact data on the fate of the crew of the Indonesian Navy submarine: the bodies of the sailors or fragments of the uniform of the submariners in the area of ​​the object’s death were not found. This was announced on Saturday, April 24, by the country’s agency ANTARA.

It is clarified that the rescuers found parts of the submarine, she was officially declared dead.

As noted by the chief of the main headquarters of the Indonesian Navy, Admiral Yudo Margono, parts of the equipment that are necessary for servicing the submarine’s torpedo tubes, a bank of lubricant for the periscope, Muslim prayer rugs and part of the casing of the cooling system were found.

Earlier on Saturday, Indonesian authorities announced the country’s submarine KRI Nanggala 402, whose crew stopped communicating on April 21, sank. It is noted that all 53 people are considered dead.

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