The banker named a way to avoid penalties for repaying a loan ahead of schedule

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There are no significant changes in credit procedures, said Oleg Skvortsov, vice president of the Association of Russian Banks. So the expert commented on reports that fines may be imposed for early repayment of loans.

According to Skvortsov, such information about the fines of borrowers for early repayment of loan agreements is a “hype” that has been circulating in the media for the past few years.

“I have not heard that something has changed dramatically in the relationship between borrowers and banks. If only there was some new judicial practice. Early repayment is not profitable for the bank: the client repaid the loan, and the bank still pays money on the deposit. Therefore, the best option for the bank is when the client pays on time, because he has built up internal cash flows for these terms, ”he said on the air of NSN on Tuesday, May 4.

In this case, the client can notify the bank 30 days in advance of his intention to repay the loan ahead of schedule. In this case, he will not face any sanctions, Skvortsov stressed.

In order to obtain a loan on favorable terms, the borrower should carefully study the agreement with the bank. In particular, is there any possibility for a credit institution to levy any fines.

“Of course, the bank will not sign an agreement with each specific client with some individual points – the bank simply does not have the technology designed for this, it works according to standards. There may be deviations when it comes to a loan secured by real estate, for example, or some large amount, ”he said.

If the client did not like some conditions, he should contact another bank and take out a loan on more transparent terms, the expert concluded.

Earlier, on April 29, Dmitry Ferapontov, senior lecturer at the Department of Banking at Synergy University, warned Russians against repaying loans through ATMs. According to the specialist, mistakes when paying for loans through ATMs are not typical, but still possible. Also, the risk of losing money due to the actions of fraudsters is not excluded.