The average time spent by tourists in the Pskov region has been named

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It became known for how long, on average, tourists stay in the Pskov region. As the correspondent of “MK in Pskov” reports, Svetlana Baranova, chairman of the Pskov Regional Union of Travel Industry, shared the details at a press conference on the state of affairs in the tourism industry of the Pskov region.

According to her, the average stay of tourists in the Pskov region today is 2 nights and three days. And most often travel lovers in the Pskov region visit Pskov, Izborsk, Pechory and Pushkinskie Gory.

“But now a lot of work is being done to develop rural and ecological trism. These are the places that can attract our tourist and delay him. They actually conduct a lot of programs there, there are opportunities to live, walk, we have a lot of space in the region, “Svetlana Baranova shared her plans, and then, among the” underestimated “, named Polistovye and the Sebezhsky Reserve.

The situation with tourism in Velikiye Luki, added the chairman of the Pskov Regional Union of Tourism Industry, has improved significantly in the last year. “Now the investor has created Luki-Park, an interactive playground where you can have a good rest with children, ride on carousels and swings, and there is also a dinopark. We are trying to promote all this, ”she summed up.