The assault on the fourth ministry begins in Beirut

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In Beirut, the assault on the fourth ministry began in a day. This time, the protesters are trying to take over the Lebanese Ministry of Energy.

Earlier, residents launched an assault on the Ministry of Economy, the building of the Lebanese Bank Association and seized the country’s Foreign Ministry.

Earlier, Reuters, citing law enforcement agencies, reported that Lebanese security forces opened fire in the area of ​​the parliament building while trying to disperse the protesters. In addition, the police used tear gas to protect public order.

In total, about 7,000 protesters gathered at Martyrs’ Square in downtown Beirut, some of whom threw stones.

On Saturday, protests are taking place in the Lebanese capital, the participants of which demand the resignation of the current government because of the explosion in the port, which occurred on August 4. The protesters are chanting: “The people want the fall of the regime”, “Revolution. Revolution ”, and they are holding posters with the words“ Go away, you are all murderers ”. Demonstrators occupied the building of the Lebanese Foreign Ministry.

More than 170 people were injured during the protests. According to the latest data from the Lebanese branch of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, 55 wounded were taken to hospitals, 117 medical assistance was provided on the spot.

The explosion in the port area in Beirut occurred on 4 August. There was a fire of 2.7 tons of ammonium nitrate during welding. The facades of dozens of buildings were destroyed and damaged. According to seismologists, the power of the explosion was comparable to that of an earthquake of magnitude 4.5.

The perpetrators of the tragedy will be determined by a military tribunal.

According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, as a result of the emergency, 158 people were killed, 6 thousand were injured and 21 people were missing.

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