The anonymous author again sent the guardianship authorities to the large editor of “MK in St. Petersburg”

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Two female police officers and three representatives of the guardianship authorities visited the chief editor of MK in St. Petersburg, Maxim Kuzakhmetov, today, October 1. According to unexpected guests, they allegedly received a message that parents with many children beat their children.

In one of the visitors, Maxim Kuzakhmetov identified Mikhail Pashenev. This man also visited the editor’s home last year. Then the “signal” sounded in the municipal newspaper under the jurisdiction of United Russia Oleg Smakotik.

“That time our real“ fault ”was participation in the municipal elections from the Yabloko party, – said Maxim Kuzakhmetov.

Like a year ago, today the editor-in-chief of MK in St. Petersburg failed to have any “constructive” dialogue.

Maxim Kuzakhmetov himself associates the next visit of the guardianship authorities, accompanied by the police, with his personal position and “attitude towards the party of crooks and thieves.”

“So, at best, this is the revenge of United Russia Oleg Smakotin, whom I openly call a criminal who seized power in our municipality with the help of ballots. He can only answer with one thing – send custody. At worst, the next visit will involve a search and the participation of people with weapons and masks, ” – says Maxim Kuzakhmetov.

Just like a year ago, unexpected guests in uniform and without went to the neighbors, who again told only good things about the large family.

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