The American named the dish of Russian cuisine that struck her

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American food critic Hannah Goldfield, in an interview with The New Yorker, told the impression that Russian cuisine made on her, and also named the dish that struck her.

According to Goldfield, the dumplings, which she compared to honeycombs, made the greatest impression on her. She noted that the dumplings have an unusual taste and shape.

“A serving of tender chopped pork and grated onions was lightly greased with sour cream (a relative of our crème fraiche) and sprinkled with freshly ground pepper and parsley,” the critic said.

As one of the restaurant owners said in an interview with a critic, at one time she did not immediately taste Russian cuisine, but her passion for food came to her after she tried beef tongue jellied meat, as well as pickled herring. It was these dishes, she said, that she found “mind-blowing.” Chicken tobacco and caviar on black bread with butter made a real sensation among her friends, writes NSN.

Goldfield stressed that restaurants with Russian cuisine help US residents not only get acquainted with the traditions of other countries, but also fight prejudices, writes the website

Last June, a user of the Chinese platform Sohu shared his opinion about Russian cuisine and the most popular dishes, the taste of which is “impossible to forget.” The blogger paid particular attention to cold snacks that have a sour and salty taste, such as pickled cucumbers, dried fish, and so on.