The action of non-systemists in Kostroma turned into a “funeral” of Navalny

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Today’s rally in support of Alexei Navalny in the Kostroma region has turned into a boring, unrehearsed performance. The main roles were played by teenagers, sane people did not support the evening promenade.

Expectations of the organizers for the high activity of Kostroma residents crashed into reality. In a sense, this is good – the organizers were unable to coordinate even a small number of participants. In messengers, they wrote the further route of the procession, but could not agree in any way. In the end, it turned out, as in the fable about a swan, cancer and a pike. Due to the fact that no one knew where to go next, the number of participants literally became fewer by the minute.

“Admins, no offense, but coordination came out of the chat,” wrote users in groups.

It is worth mentioning separately about the participants – they are mostly teenagers. Which, in general, is not surprising. The organizers of such actions are counting on the fragile minds.

Having passed from the Mira square to the center, a small column proceeded along Sovetskaya to the department store. All the way, the participants were accompanied by the police, ensuring the safety of both non-systematic people and bystanders.