The 12 best apps to watch new movies for free

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  If you are a movie lover, you will love to see our list of the best apps to watch new movies for free on your mobile.  These are the applications that are trending today, and they will surely become your favorites. For rock concerts near me

 Apps to watch free movies on your mobile that you will love 


In this top we will put those apps to watch free movies on your mobile, which have earned the best scores and user comments. Read well, and choose your or your favorites.


1. Snagfilms

This is one of the most popular apps because in addition to the best premieres and classic movies , you can also find excellent documentaries. Best of all, it is an application to watch free movies and it has a very user-friendly web environment.


2. Videomix

This is one of those great applications that allows us to see the best of movies and series in streaming from our Android phone. You can navigate the app super easy, because all the content is perfectly cataloged into categories, in addition to having a great specialized search option.


.3 . Terrarium TV app

When it comes to finding the best apps to watch movies on your mobile, Terrarium TV cannot be missed. This excellent option allows you to watch movies on your smartphone or tablet for free and with a catalog that you will not be able to leave behind  

After you see what this movie watching app has for you, it will become your favorite.


4. Kodi

This is one of the applications to watch movies from the mobile phone that has been better rated by users, and with good reason. In addition to being a free application, you can enjoy movies, series, television shows, music, photos and even all kinds of viral content that are revolutionizing the web.


5. Spanish flix

Although its name sounds quite particular, in this application to watch premiere movies for free you will have fun for a while. 

Horror, adventure, romance, superhero movies. Classics, premieres, independent cinema and a lot of other categories that you can explore from your mobile, to enjoy with your friends no matter where they are.


6. Playview

Planview is one of the best apps to watch movies, series, TV shows and documentaries on Android. With this entertainment option, you can spend hours and hours glued to your mobile enjoying the audiovisual content that you like the most. It is a fairly easy to use app and offers excellent options to its users.



7. MoviesHD

This is one of the applications to watch HD movies most sought after by users. Its content covers different categories and the best thing is that its loading time is great even on phones that are not the latest technology. In any case, here you will find a great offer with movies of all genres to please your cinephile spirit.

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 8. Show Box

This is one of those applications to watch movies on your cell phone, in which you can find alternatives for all tastes 

By this I mean that if you like free movies, with this application to watch premiere movies you will find what you like, but you also have the option to choose a paid option to see exclusive content with premium features that you will fall in love with.



9. Mitele

The slogan of this page is “Television on demand”. This means that here you can find hundreds of movies, television programs, series and documentaries in which you will find the best entertainment for your leisure hours.


The application has a super well designed catalog in which it is very easy to find everything you are looking for, and according to the lovers of the app, here is everything you are looking for.


10. Atresplayer

In Atresplayer you can download an easy-to-use app on your mobile that will give you hours and hours of entertainment 

You will be able to choose at any time between films, national and international television programs, family content, children’s content and the best film genres , among which horror, comedy, action and drama stand out, which are the favorites of the public. A great option that brings the best of cinema to your mobile anywhere.


11. Megadele

If you are looking for movies with resolution, Megadele offers you a fabulous catalog that will blow your mind. The content is free and you can navigate at a good speed through a sea of ​​categories in which you will find series and movies of all genres. One of its pluses is that it is one of the apps to watch movies on your mobile that loads new releases faster.


12. Plus dede

In Plus dede you have at hand a super functional application to search for movies, series, television programs and documentaries. This is why it has become one of the best options for users who have Android technology. 

With this application you are just one step away from enjoying free audiovisual content of the best quality. 

I hope you liked this top with the best apps to watch movies on your mobile. You already have 12 options that can help you fill your leisure time with series, movies and television programs for all tastes 

Choose the one that best suits your needs, and share this article with your friends, so that they too can enjoy the best of entertainment on their mobile. 

If you are not clear about the first movie you want to see to launch your app, here we leave you a top of movies to watch as a family that may meet your expectations. 

 case, here you will find a great offer with movies of all genres to please your cinephile spirit.