Texas Dem official faces demands to resign for calling Tim Scott ‘an oreo’

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A Texas Democratic official is facing calls to step down from his role after he called Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., a racial slur. 

“I had hoped that Scott might show some common sense, but it seems clear he is little more than an oreo with no real principles,” Lamar County Democratic Party chair Gary O’Connor wrote in a now-deleted Facebook post, referring to Scott’s rebuttal to President Biden’s Congressional address on Wednesday.

Rep. Pat Fallon, R-Texas — whose district includes Lamar County located in Northeast Texas — eviscerated O’Connor for his comment on Friday. In a press release, Fallon called the slur — which refers to a Black person who is perceived as acting White —  “unforgivable.”

“Gary O’Connor’s comment against Senator Tim Scott is abhorrent, insulting, and unforgivable. Both he and the entire Lamar County Democratic Party should be ashamed of this racist behavior,” said Fallon.

The first-term congressman called on O’Connor to “apologize and step down immediately” for his racially charged comments slur and asked the Texas Democratic Party and the NAACP “to condemn these words.”

Fallon also said the party “should take swift action to censure him.”

The Texas Democratic Party didn’t immediately return Fox News’ request for comment. 

“This kind of behavior is not tolerable in Texas, the United States, or any political party,” Fallon added.


Scott has faced a flurry of racial attacks after delivering his rebuttal to Biden’s address to Congress.  

Progressives labeled Scott “Uncle Tim” — a play on the racial slur “Uncle Tom” — pushing the aspersion into Twitter’s trending topics for several hours. 


Democrats on the national stage have also been silent after the progressive supporters of their party attacked Scott, one of three Black U.S. senators currently serving and the only Republican. 

Republicans have been outspoken in their condemnation of the slur targeting Scott. Twitter banned the term from its trending topics section, but only hours after the phrase had been front and center on the social media website.

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