Ted Williams: Both sides in the Chauvin case ‘have given as much’ as they received

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Former D.C. homicide detective and Fox News Contributor Ted Williams joined Martha MacCallum on “The Story” on Monday to discuss the final arguments in the Derek Chauvin case.

WILLIAMS: I think that both sides have given as much as they have been receiving. When I say much have been receiving, I look at the prosecution here. They tackled that videotape directly on. They showed that there was no reasonable doubt as to why Mr. Floyd should have died other than at the knee of Chauvin. But I got to tell you, then the defense has given as much as they can. They have used that videotape. I must tell you, I’m surprised at how much the defense has used this videotape. I thought they would want to run away from that videotape, but they have not.

The defense in this case are saying two things. One, that Chauvin followed the use of force continuum that he’s been given by his police department. And number 2, the causation was not the knee of Chauvin that killed Mr. Floyd. But that he had drugs in his system. That he had suffered from hypertension and that he suffered from a bad heart. So the defense has shown to date, I believe, to some degree, that there is reasonable doubt. I think that the jury is going to have to wrestle with this for some days to come.

MacCallum aslo asked Williams about the new Florida law signed by Governor Ron DeSantis that imposes harsher penalties on violent protestors.

WILLIAMS: I do think it helps the law enforcement. The one thing that law enforcement feels right now, unfortunately around the country, is that their supervisors and superiors and lawmakers don’t have their back. That is the rationale of why morale is so low in many police departments. So when the governor comes out and makes a representation that he’s made, that he’s going to enforce the law against protesters, I think police officers and law enforcement officers feel that the governor has their back.


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