Technology is Disruptive – And Empowering

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Technology is changing the way we work, our lives, and our hobbies. Technology empowers businesses by improving productivity, rapid development and production cycles, employee decision-making, and customer service. However, achieving these benefits through the integration of new technologies is not always a smooth process. Technologywolf often gets in the way before it becomes powerful.


Although the ideas presented in this article may be general, they are very much related to the entry of new information and communication technologies into the business process. Information technology includes computers and their peripheral devices as well as data transmission in local networks. Communication includes all voice and video functions, including telephone systems and associated equipment.


Viraltechonly is changing business processes


Every action within a company is part of a specific process. Sometimes the same process as placing an order is easy to see and easy to monitor. Sometimes this process is less obvious but still relatively silent.


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  • Accelerate the existing processes
  • Expand existing processes
  • change processes
  • In the process of changing processes,new technologies are often used for new ways of doing business.


In addition to accelerating existing processes, new technologies are revolutionized when they are introduced. This needs to change the way you behave or interact with others. In the event of a riot, production is initially halted until new processes become as commonplace as old ones. At this point, we hope, new technologies have achieved their goal of reaching a high level of pre-production.


Therefore, among the most common cycles that occur with the advent of new technologies are the following:


  • confusion
  • low production, in the end,
  • The production point is higher than the starting point
  • The clear goal of introducing new technologies is:
  • Reduce the tension
  • Reduce the time it takes to increase productivity
  • increase productivity


Understanding this will help achieve the following goals:


  • The content of the process, i.e. who is affected by the change of certain processes, is involved.
  • Democracy is the power of technology
  • Types of people who react differently to new technologies
  • Business processes and the emergence of new technologies are not the only ones. Both partially exist with influential content:
  • There may be social interactions within the organization and companies you trade with
  • Political structures (power) within an organization


How people see themselves and their abilities?


Technology can be democratic. There can be a significant balance between management and the “level” of employees in the creation and dissemination of information relevant to work and organizational goals. The keyword is “distribution”. When access to information is restricted and communicated easily, key employees can improve the number and quality of decisions they make without having to engage in shift-by-shift management.


Types of people from a technical point of view


With regard to the introduction of new technologies into your company, it can be helpful to understand the following four types of people:


  • creators / friends
  • amateurs
  • recipient
  • Naysayers


Creators/leaders will explore new technologies themselves. Sometimes they can be helpful in introducing new technologies that are unusual in the company. Sometimes it can be a thorn in the side of a new technology that they find useful but doesn’t fit the company’s agenda or purpose. These people use new technologies as they are introduced to others and are often the first to fully integrate and implement them, and to help others take full advantage of new technologies.


Enthusiasts eager to embrace new technologies. They rarely want it, but they want to plug it into their system at the right time. Due to their openness, they often learn easily to use new technologies and can help others to learn.


The recipients use new technologies because they are needed. You don’t want him. In fact, they try to avoid it until they are forced to accept it. As soon as they see that new technologies are available, they want to take full advantage of them, or at least live with them.