Tech company will allow work from home after the pandemic

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San Francisco-based online software company announced that its workers will be able to choose work from home as a permanent method of communication with the central office even after all restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic are lifted.

In a statement, the company’s management says that the “post-pandemic model” of work will be available to everyone, with the exception of those whose presence in the office is necessary constantly or periodically, and that the concept of “home” should be understood in a broad sense – it is not only a place of residence, but also any other place where the employee prefers to be, including foreign countries. The company came to this decision after conducting an internal survey that showed that 65% of its employees would like to continue working from home. “We must continue to leverage the agility, creativity and unbeaten path of newcomers to the business,” said Brent Haider, President and Chief of Human Resources, in a statement posted on the company’s website. “The effect of being in the workplace is no longer limited to the desk in our office.”

This flexible work schedule, Haider continued, will help our workers to fulfill their family responsibilities, including caring for the elderly or sick family members, or taking children to and from school. If one of the 9000 employees of the company prefers live communication with colleagues or their positions require presence in the office, then they will be able to work in a converted “office of the future”, where conditions will be created for working in small groups, whose mutual cooperation cannot be successfully reproduced with remote communication.

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