Tattoo Aftercare Tips How To Properly Care

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Did you finally get that tattoo you’ve been desiring? Like many you probably used an amazing artist, eternal tattoo ink, and now you are ready to begin aftercare. You may then ask how to properly care for your tattoo. The first week after your tattoo is crucial, it will determine the permanence of the design and color of your tattoo, so making sure that you take care of it properly is in your best interest.

Best Tattoo Care Tips

We have chosen a couple of tattoo healing tips so that you will easily get past that initial stage where your new tattoo is literally a healing wound in process!

Leave your tattoo alone!

Yes, we understand that once your tattoo starts healing you will see it scabbing as it happens when you get a sunburn. You will be tempted to touch and pull them out. The worse thing you can do is to pick at it! Just let the scabbing layer of skin come off naturally when you are bathing or when you are applying cream or lotion on your tattoo.

As with any other wounds, as soon as it starts healing you will also feel itchiness and for some, even burning, this sensation is not pleasant as you will battle with your mind, you know you cannot scratch it but it is itching so much it drives you nuts! In order to relieve the itch sometimes it helps to slap on the surface or to apply alcohol on it.

Re-bandaging Is Not Necessary

Re-bandaging your tattoo is not necessary, in fact it could hinder the healing process. Your tattoo needs to breathe in order to heal, if you re-bandage it with gauze, for example you might risk thick scabbing and color loss as the gauze will adhere onto the skin. Just remember a great tattoo healing tip is only to use bandage when necesary

Sleeping with Your Tattoo

Sprinkle some baby powder on your new tattoo before you go to sleep to avoid from adhering onto your bed sheets. If you are planning to have the type of tattoo that requires various sessions, opt for dark-colored bed sheets to avoid staining and prefer cotton so that your tattoo and skin can breathe naturally while sleeping.


For the first 2 or 3 days after your tattoo it is preferable that you wear loose-fitting clothes so that your tattoo will not be rubbing against any type of material. If you can keep your tattoo exposed in the air that would be awesome as it would speed up the healing process. Avoid tight clothing that will adhere or rub against tattooed skin, also prefer natural over synthetic materials that can trap moisture and make you perspire.


We can´t stress this enough! Your tattoo is an open wound and if it is exposed to an environment full of germs, dirt and millions of particles it could end up with some type of infection. Remember that before your tattoo develops a natural barrier or protection it will be at the mercy of the environment you expose it to.

Just be very conscious and careful of where your tattooed skin is making contact. For example avoid exposing your open wound to public places and objects such as a bar or restaurant table, or a public bathroom. Also do not touch your tattoo unless you have washed your hands thoroughly.


Ask your tattoo artist for a recommendation of a lotion that you might be able to use during your healing period. For most tattooers over moisturizing will actually be counter productive. Do not slather huge amounts of cream or lotion onto it, just a light moisturizer during the day and night if it feels “dry” is good enough.

At all costs avoid petroleum based creams and lotions after the first day or too for those, instead of speeding up the healing process will actually hinder it.