Tanase: Sandu could have paused or nominated Durleshtyana

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Former President of the Constitutional Court Alexandru Tanase believes that President Maia Sandu should have taken a break to analyze the decisions of the Constitutional Court (CC) before re-nominating Natalia Gavrilita for the post of prime minister. He announced this in the program “Punctul pe Azi” on TVR Moldova.

“I think President Maia Sandu could take a break before making a decision. A pause was needed to ponder and analyze the provisions of the Constitutional Court. Maybe it would be better to take a break, because the political situation has changed. In addition to the appearance of candidate Marianna Durlesteanu, very clear messages were sounded in the parliament about the need for dialogue on the part of the DA Platform. All constitutional mechanisms are aimed at forming governments, not at dissolving parliament, ”Tanase said.

The former chairman of the Constitutional Court said that Maia Sandu could have proposed Gavrilita without demanding the parliament not to vote for the Cabinet. In his opinion, in this way it would become “the use of constitutional instruments, according to spirit and reason.”

“Maya Sandu could really offer Natalia Gavrilita. If she did not get the required number of votes, this would be the use of constitutional instruments, according to letter and reason. The most dangerous thing that can happen during a political crisis is a violation of the constitutional order. Then the search for solutions begins not in the texts of laws, but, for example, on the street. Perhaps it would be better to take a break until tomorrow, maybe it would be better to discuss the proposal of the DA Platform, ”concluded Tanase.

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