Tambov residents were told how to choose meat for barbecue

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The May holidays continue, and with them the country gatherings with barbecue. Rospotrebnadzor specialists told how to choose the right meat for barbecue so as not to spoil the charcoal meal.

First of all, you need to buy meat only at the market or in the store. Street vendors generally do not have permission to sell perishable food.

The most proven way to determine the freshness of meat is to press down on it with the pad of your finger. If the place of pressure quickly took the same shape, then the meat is fresh. The lack of a dense structure in meat signals that the product is stale.

The freshness of the meat can also be determined by its appearance. A fresh piece should not have extensive dark spots that appear when the product has been left for more than 24 hours at room temperature. It is also necessary to refuse to buy meat with a greenish tint. On this account, some sellers have a legend that it oxidized under the influence of oxygen, but this is false information.

Another sign of good meat is the color of the fat – it should not be bright yellow or brown. If you see meat with this fat color, then the animal may have been sick. There should be no moisture on the surface of the fat.

Also, the meat should not be excessively moist and very sticky, and when cut, scarlet juice should stand out from it.

The meat should smell nice without arousing suspicion. When choosing the main product for barbecue, it is better to play it safe than to get severe poisoning and spend the May holidays in the hospital.