Taliban denies reports of collusion with Russia against US

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Allegations that Russia allegedly bribed Taliban militants (the movement is prohibited in Russia) are part of a campaign launched by opponents of the peace process in Afghanistan, said a spokesman for the political office of the radical movement Suheil Shahin.

According to him, these “baseless” statements were transmitted by the Kabul Department of National Security to some journalists from the United States, as well as from a number of European countries.

“There is nothing in these publications that has anything to do with reality, it’s just a campaign against the peace process. And we completely reject all these statements, “Shahin told RIA Novosti on Saturday, August 8.

In June, The New York Times published an article that Russia allegedly offered the Taliban a reward for killing the US military in Afghanistan.

After that, The Washington Post wrote that several American soldiers died due to “collusion”. At the same time, the publication did not provide any evidence or even indication of sources.

In turn, American intelligence and the White House called such information unreliable. The Russian Foreign Ministry explained the publication about the connection with the Taliban by stuffing “provocateurs with low intellectual abilities”.

At the same time, the adviser to the President of the United States Robert O’Brien said that if this information is confirmed, Moscow will “pay a certain price” for these actions. The Russian foreign ministry called such statements “a figment of a raging imagination.”

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