Syrian Tadmor prepares to welcome tourists

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In the Syrian Tadmore, they are preparing to meet tourists, the Izvestia TV channel reports.

There used to be dozens of hotels in the city, but now there are only ruins.

“We are now starting to restore the hotel so that tourists can stay overnight. We will open the first hotel. The very first tourist groups have already begun to come to Palmyra, but then there was a pandemic, and due to the coronavirus, all these trips have now been canceled, ”said the mayor of the city Hamid Haas.

So far, the first travelers are relatives of the Syrians who fled from Tadmor during the war.

Shops and cafes were opened in the city. Infrastructure is being restored
and in Aleppo, which was formerly a luxury hotel in the center.

“The head of the Spanish government stayed here when he wanted to see Aleppo, the hotel consisted of several buildings. Here were the numbers. The hotel has existed here for 250 years! ” – said the director of the construction company Yahya Kenno.

There is still a long way to go to the full restoration of the tourist business. The work will be painstaking. Builders and restorers work around the clock.

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