Symptoms for going to a psychologist with a child

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A child needs the help of a psychologist if he has sleep disturbances, inadequate reactions to ordinary situations, obsessive movements. Mariana Bezrukikh, Academician of the Russian Academy of Education, Chief Researcher of the Institute of Developmental Physiology, spoke about this at a press conference at the Russia Today MIA on Tuesday, August 11.

“If inadequate reactions appear when a child cries about and without reason, when any trifle becomes a world problem, and the child cannot be reassured, <...> – very often these signs are in children with neurotic-like disorders,” Bezrukikh explained.

The need to show the child to a specialist can also be said by his regular complaints of various pains, obsessive movements (twitching, tics, twisting of buttons and hands), writes RIA Novosti. Situations when a child refuses to interact with someone, to study, can be considered a reason to talk to a psychologist.

Bezrukikh emphasized that in all cases, self-treatment cannot be started, since taking medications should be supervised by a doctor, writes “Moscow 24”.

The competent organization of the daily regimen and diet will help a child to deal with stress. Bezrukikh stressed that physical activity is extremely important for a child, writes the Federal News Agency.

On August 9, it was reported that clinical psychologist Artur Garaganov said that it is possible to give smartphones and tablets to a child from an early age, but subject to a number of restrictions.

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