Swindlers stole almost a million rubles a day from residents of Karelia

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Over the past day, fraudsters fraudulently lured out 970 thousand rubles from the inhabitants of the republic. This was reported in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Karelia.

Thus, residents of five districts of Karelia have suffered from the intrigues of swindlers: 6 residents of Petrozavodsk wrote statements to the police, 2 residents of the Sortavalsky district, one resident of Olonetsky, Loukhsky and Segezhsky districts.

As always, it was not only the older generation that caught the scammers’ tricks: the five victims were under 30. A 29-year-old woman from Petrozavodsk was especially unlucky: an unemployed girl transferred more than 274 thousand rubles to fraudsters. She received a call from alleged bank employees and warned that swindlers were trying to hack into her account. To protect the funds, a resident of the Karelian capital dictated codes from SMS messages, having lost at first more than 120 thousand rubles, and then – another loan, which was also issued for the girl. The Petrozavodsk resident transferred all the money to unknown subscriber numbers.

The smallest amount was lost by a 37-year-old resident of Petrozavodsk. He posted an advertisement on the Internet for the sale of a silver coin for 4,500 rubles. And then he lost 4550 rubles when, at the request of a potential buyer, he went to the messenger using the link that was sent to him.

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