Summer Vacation Women Shoes

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This summer holiday season, you might be heading to a beachy resort or a city destination; what is important is that you pack the right set of women shoes to take along in order to look effortlessly elegant on your summer vacation.

Our first pick for beach is the chain embedded thong sandals that would perfectly pair up with your casual outfits. If you pick the right women shoes, they will make you feel comfortable and are easy to slip into your feet. Get the ones in square toes to strike a pose! Suggesting women shoes with chain links means we want you to add that extra flair of elegance to your overall look. Go on, try them out with a flowy printed dress.

You might also want to get platform wedges in knitted style. Get these women shoes in some fun and bright colours to uplift your mood. If you are running out of time to get dressed, slip on these wedge women shoes. Although minimalistic in design, the knit pattern, either overall or a single strap will help elevate your entire look in an instant. Good for you if you are in denim shorts or pants, how perfect would these summer women shoes would look on you! To be beach ready, get a floral shirt because these wedge women shoes are going to look on point with this combo.

Next is the strappy platform sandals. Fell your best all day and make a statement in a sleek pair of strappy sandals. Yes, we suggest lots of straps to be thee! Try out these women shoes with a denim dress and elevate yourself with the platform heel all the more!

For road- trips, think about your comfort first and pack those women shoes which have chunky soles such as boots, mules and sneakers. Make way for them in your suitcases because you don’t want to regret later. These women shoes are suitable for almost all the terrains, be they smooth or rough, making it easier for you to plan your road trips.

If it’s about escaping to a new city, look your coolest with women shoes like loafers, get the beaded ones, they will amp up your style statement for sure! Also, get ankle boots, not only they go with so many outfits but are also chic. If it’s a night event you are getting dressed up for, carry some stiletto heels, bold and strappy that would make you enjoy all the limelight.

For casual walks in day time or for a shopping spree, take along some stunning thong sandals. By stunning, we mean that these women shoes need to have some embellishments, preferably in gold over colours like cream, white, pearl or any from subtle palettes. This would add that extra oomph to your entire look.

In order to make your escapes stress free, it is crucial that you opt for women shoes in accordance with your destination and keep two to three options in case they get damaged or are lost in the hassle.