Summer residents run the risk of getting a fine for dandelions on the site

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The lawyer told for what weeds on the site Russian summer residents and gardeners can get a fine.

Last year, the Russian government approved signs of non-use of agricultural land plots for their intended purpose or use in violation of the law.

Among the signs of the use of plots in violation of the law, the presence of a strong weed infestation on the plot where agricultural crops grow was noted.

Lawyer Tatyana Matsukova told RIA Novosti: “Weeds include, in particular, Sosnovsky’s hogweed, field mint, field thistle, medicinal dandelion, odorous chamomile, thistles of various species, ragweed of various species.”

The law prohibits the use of disease-infested seeds or no weed control. If there are too many weeds, you can get a warning or a fine of 300-500 rubles for citizens, 500-1000 rubles for officials, 5000-10,000 rubles for legal entities.

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