Subway lines C and F will abolish train cuts

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In the near future, MTA intends to cancel the reductions made in the recent past in the movement of trains on subway lines C and F and return the previous schedule.

“We want to ensure that passengers are fully serviced again,” said Sarah Feinberg, Acting President of NYC Transit. She clarified that the movement of trains on the F route will be restored in early May, and on the C route a few weeks later.

The cuts were made mainly in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, but not only. On line C, problems arose earlier due to factory defects found in new cars.

As for the epidemic, in the entire subway system in March last year, services were cut by 30% due to the fact that thousands of system workers fell ill or had to be quarantined. But even after the general situation had improved, the changes had little effect on traffic on lines C and F. At rush hour, F trains had to wait 12 minutes instead of 8, and C trains 8 minutes instead of 4. Naturally, this caused a lot of criticism.

Sarah Feinberg and other MTA officials wanted to make the cuts on these ill-fated routes permanent. But the Manhattan Supreme Court thwarted their plans. The announcement of the restoration of the movement followed two weeks after the court’s decision.

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Subway lines C and F will abolish train cuts