Submarine hunting exercise kicks off in Sweden

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The Swedish Navy on Thursday, April 15, began exercises in the southern part of the Baltic. This is stated on the website of the country’s Armed Forces.

The maneuvers will last until April 21. As part of the exercise, the methods of hunting for submarines and the actions of surface ships in combat conditions will be worked out.

About 600 personnel and 25 vessels were involved in the exercises, including patrol ships, minesweepers, submarines, support ships, patrol boats and combat boats, as well as tugs. In addition, air support will be provided by heavy helicopters Hkp 14 and light Hkp 15.

At the same time, in addition to Swedish ships, two ships of Finland will take part in the exercises, which is traditional for Sweden.

The movement of ships will take place both during the day and at night in the area of ​​the Hanyo Bay and the Blekinge archipelago. However, some of the maneuvers will be carried out in the coastal zone on land.

On March 18, a number of media outlets, including News Israel, reported that a Russian submarine disappeared from the screens of the command and control systems of NATO ships a few days ago. This has raised concerns in the US Navy, as the Russian submarine can allegedly collect confidential information. In the search for a submarine off the coast of Lebanon, Syria, Israel and Cyprus, as noted, the Americans involved the forces of their allies.

On the same day, sources said that the submarine was in contact with the command.

The next day, military expert Igor Korotchenko said that NATO’s fears about the B-237 Rostov-on-Don submarine missing from the alliance’s radars were due to the fact that all new Russian submarines are quiet, making them almost impossible to detect.