Stone Veneers Siding: How To Install

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Home decor is of the most popular topics of interest amongst many people. It is a gratifying activity that many enjoy. Decorating your house is beneficial as it can help you express your personality while increasing the value of your property. Whether it be adding cushions to your couch or color coordinating your furniture, there are many ways you can enhance the appeal of your home.


A well-known technique of improving the look of your home without draining your wallet is by using artificial stone veneers. Not only is this method cheap, but it is also highly effective in making your house look like the top dog of the neighborhood. Moreover, did you know that you can install stone veneers all by yourself without paying for expensive specialists? Read on to find out how you can give your house the sophisticated stony look it deserves!


Why use manufactured stone?

Suppose you’re new to the home remodeling business. You may be skeptical about using fake stone instead of natural stone. But did you realize that by 2021, fake veneers would be even more advantageous than natural stone? The reasons for this are quite a few. Firstly, faux stone lasts much longer than real stone. According to experts, it can last up to twice the life of natural stone! Secondly, as we’ve already mentioned, it’s much cheaper than natural stone. You can now buy a variety of Rock Solid Stone Veneers at a rate of $3 to $5 per sq ft! Lastly, artificial stone is much more durable and easy to handle. Since it looks exactly like its stone alternative, it’s a worthwhile investment.


How to install manufactured stone veneers: a DIY guide

While the thought of installing stone siding by yourself is daunting, it is quite straightforward to do. It is also relatively quick. However, time constraints apply, of course, depending on the surface area of your house.


Step 1: Ensure that the area is dry and free of debris. Afterward, apply building paper evenly to the surface of the installation area.


Step 2: Cut up your metal lath sheet according to your required size and attach it to the wall.


Step 3: Prepare a mortar mix with a firm consistency and cover the wire lath with it. Spread it approximately at a thickness of 0.5 inches. Make sure that you scrape the scratch coat using a rake or any other tool as it ensures a better installation and adhesion of the veneer.


Step 4: Leave the scratch coat to dry for at least 36 hours.


Step 5: Shape your stones according to your heart’s desire and recoat the surface with the mortar. Clean the stones and apply a dollop of 0.5 inches at the back of the stone.


Step 6: Attach the veneers. For best adherence, begin in the corners of your surface. Also, press the veneer until it gets well adhered to the surface.


Step 7: Tilt, adjust or create spaces depending on the layout you desire. But ensure that the joints between each veneer are pretty even and coated with grout as well, or else the veneers will fall out too soon.


If you’re facing difficulty installing it yourself, do not hesitate to consult a specialist or a veneer retailer.


Are manufactured stone veneers the best option for you?

Artificial stone veneers are excessively variable. Suppose you want to install them for security reasons; they may not be the ideal solution for you. Moreover, suppose you’re looking to install veneer stones on your floor. In that case, you should be aware that this is not possible as a natural stone is more suitable for this operation.


Before installing stone veneers, you should also be aware that their color can fade over time. Moreover, the variety of artificial stones available in the market can have a repetitive color scheme which may prove boring for some consumers. Thus, if you’re looking for something more pleasing to the eye, choose natural stone instead of artificial.


Other important things to note before working with manufactured stone veneers

The addition of manufactured stone is relatively easy and maintenance-free. According to consumer reports, it is one of the most highly regarded and in-demand renovation techniques. However, to maximize the life of your stone layout, there are some aspects you should consider.


  • Perform adequate research before investing in stone veneers and ensure you buy them from a trustable source. Remember that expensive is not always good quality.
  • Understand the material and its properties before buying the veneers. Is it a waterproof surface, or do you need to add flashing? Are there electrical outlets that you need to cover before installation?
  • Measure the surface area accurately. Consider any corners or windows that may prove to be a challenge during installation.
  • Cut or trim your stones to achieve a neater look. You can also vary the angle of installation. Ensure you access the layout each time instead of pointless applying more stones each time and, of course, call for help when needed.


Final Verdict

To conclude, the popularity of artificial stone veneers is clearly on the rise and for obvious reasons. In contrast, it is easy to be hesitant when it comes to improving the look of your homes at a low cost. A constructive method to avoid the hassles of a messier-looking house and wasting money is to perform adequate research and assess your choices carefully before finalizing your purchase.