Sputnik V creators to sue Brazilian regulator over false information

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Developers of the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine will sue the Brazilian National Sanitary Inspection Agency (Anvisa) for deliberately disseminating false and inaccurate information about the drug.

“After Brazilian regulator Anvisa admitted that it had not tested the Sputnik V vaccine, Sputnik V is pursuing defamation proceedings in Brazil against Anvisa for deliberately disseminating false and inaccurate information,” it said. appeared in the official Twitter vaccines on Thursday, April 29th.

On April 26, Anvisa did not give permission for the import and use of Sputnik V. The decision was approved unanimously by all members of the regulator’s board. The head of Anvisa’s Medicines and Biological Products Department, Gustavo Mendes, noted that one of the critical moments was the presence of a multiplying adenovirus in the vaccine.

However, it turned out that the regulator had not tested the Russian vaccine.

“Anvisa is making a mistake. Gustavo Mendes, drug and biological products manager at Anvisa: “We did not receive vaccine samples for testing … So it should be clear, we did not test for replicated adenovirus,” the Sputnik V developers wrote on Thursday.

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