Special forces soldier killed in Beirut by mistake shot by security forces

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A Lebanese security officer who died during the riots in Beirut was mistakenly shot by other security officials, Al-Hadath reported.

According to journalists, a hot pursuit investigation showed that the riot policeman died not because of the actions of the demonstrators, but as a result of a shot from his colleagues.

In total, according to the latest data, as a result of the protests in Beirut, 238 people were injured, 70 were hospitalized.

On Saturday, rallies are being held in the Lebanese capital demanding the resignation of the current government due to the explosion in the port, which occurred on August 4.

According to the demonstrators, corruption was the cause of the tragedy. By evening, demonstrators seized the buildings of several ministries, including the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Economy, Environment, and Energy.

The explosion in the port of Beirut occurred on August 4 as a result of the detonation of 2.7 tons of ammonium nitrate.

The perpetrators of the tragedy will be determined by a military tribunal. According to the latest data, 158 people were killed, 6 thousand were injured and 21 people were missing.

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