Spartak reacted to CSKA’s appeal to the Russian Football Union

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Anton Fetisov, director of Spartak’s public relations department, commented on CSKA’s appeal to the Russian Football Union (RFU) with a request to assess Spartak’s publications on Twitter after the victorious derby (1: 0).

His words are reported on Sunday, May 2, by the Sport-Express edition.

“I don’t understand why CSKA returned to the events around the match last week, thus only drawing additional attention to our work. The first tweet is accompanied by the original soundtrack from the game. We didn’t invent anything. I also disagree with the position on the accuracy of the translation, because the exact translation of the phrase is just the same: “Officially! You suck. ” Also, the second part of the phrase can be translated as “this is a failure.” Such a translation is provided by the Cambridge English Dictionary, and even a Google translator. And the obscene version given in the letter to CSKA is just slang. Naturally, we did not mean this version of the translation, ”said Fetisov.

According to the club’s second tweet, he added, the claims are not entirely clear due to “the presence of the Along the Horses program on the CSKA club channel, the club’s mascot in the form of a horse, the announcements at the matches“ galloped ”and one of the slogans of the advertising campaign for the sale of season tickets“ horses , forward “. Fetisov stressed that all these expressions are used by CSKA itself.

On April 25, Spartak defeated CSKA in the derby within the 27th round of Tinkoff RPL with a score of 1: 0. The only goal was scored by striker Jordan Larsson.

After the match, the red and white posted two tweets. The first read: “Hello, stable. Well, how are you? ” In the second – a scene from the game “Mortal Kombat”, where after the character defeats a hero who looks like a centaur, the phrase is pronounced: “It’s official you suck.”