Spain: arrested for driving in the wrong way with a corpse for co-pilot

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A Swiss man was arrested Thursday in northeastern Spain after driving 30 kilometers in the wrong direction on the highway with a dead body in the passenger seat, police said.

The 66-year-old man was initially driving towards France but, upon meeting a police check at the border crossing, turned around and started driving in the wrong direction, a spokeswoman for the AFP told AFP. regional police of Catalonia.

After more than 30 kilometers during which he “ignored” the signals of the officers, the driver left the motorway and took a local road, having an accident shortly after about twenty kilometers from Girona, according to a press release. police.

When officers “carried out checks inside the vehicle, they discovered the lifeless body of an elderly man in the front passenger seat,” the statement added.

According to the police spokesperson, the body could be the spouse of the driver, also Swiss, on which no “criminal clue” was found.

The police opened an investigation to clarify the facts and arrested the driver, a Spanish resident, as “an alleged perpetrator of a traffic safety offense”.