Sobchak in a sanatorium robe boasted of a vacation: “The main thing is not in the Maldives”

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TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak announced to her fans that she flew away on vacation. Somewhere, from the point of view of the attitude towards tourists, it is better than in the Maldives, which the TV personality had previously complained about.

On the social network, she posted a black and white photo in a beach dress: a dressing gown and a light dress with a print on which a small repeating inscription “Ministry of Health” is read.

Sobchak hinted that she was not resting in a domestic sanatorium, but went far away.

“They are allowed to enter without visas, there is no quarantine hysteria and no one is interested in tests at the entrance,” Sobchak rejoices.

She invited subscribers to guess where she was, and suggested: “A distant island of freedom, but the main thing is not the Maldives.”

Many visitors to the page decided to blame: “Lord, just not to us in Crimea”, “Isle of freedom? Belarus or what?”.

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