Smolensk residents lost another 900,000 rubles, believing the tales of scammers about “safe” accounts

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A citizen from Smolensk told the police that a stranger called him under the guise of a bank employee. The interlocutor suggested transferring the savings to a “safe” account so that “intruders” would not write off the money. The caller misled the 31-year-old man, and the victim personally transferred 500 thousand rubles to the subscriber numbers dictated to him.

Fraudsters deceived residents of Smolensk and Yartsevo, depriving them of 400 thousand rubles. Having taken possession of the requisites, “false employees” of the bank stole money from the cards.

Fraudsters come up with new schemes and frauds, the purpose of which is to steal money from bank cards of gullible citizens. But, as practice shows, the residents of Smolensk continue to believe the deceivers, who have been operating according to “tried-and-true” schemes of fraud for several years already, about which residents of the region have been warned hundreds of times.