SK: The missing Astrakhan man was killed due to a magical rite

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Earlier, MK in Astrakhan reported that the body of a missing 33-year-old young man was found near the village of Kirpichny Zavod. Sources close to the family of the deceased stated that the Astrakhan man could have been killed for money. However, today the Investigative Committee presented an official version of what happened.

The investigation believes that on the evening of April 26, a friend of the young man called for help. He needed help in performing the ceremony in order to bewitch the girl with whom he broke up. For this, personal belongings had to be buried in the forest belt.

Footage from the scene

During the digging of a hole, a quarrel arose between acquaintances over this ceremony and unpleasant things were released to the victim’s wife, after which a conflict arose between the Astrakhan people. Further, the conflict escalated into a fight, during which the suspect hit the Astrakhan with an ax in the head and neck area at least 4 times. Having killed the young man, the Astrakhan left him in place, having previously covered his body with dry branches.

Alleged killer

The investigative committee “MK in Astrakhan” said that the suspect was currently detained. The issue of choosing a preventive measure is being resolved. A criminal case was initiated under the article “Murder”. It is known that the suspect was previously put on the federal wanted list on suspicion of fraud.