Situational center to be created in Lipetsk for 131 million rubles

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A situation center for the head of the regional administration will be created in Lipetsk. The corresponding tender was announced by the regional administration of the administration. For these purposes, up to 131 million rubles can be allocated from the regional budget.

The press service of the GOROD48 administration said that no construction projects are planned, it will be necessary to repair the premises and equip them with communication means.

The object will work with a large database, information about the goals of the project is classified. Also unknown is the address where the situation center will be located.

Such centers are a tool for operational management of the situation or tracking its development. The work is based on automated systems. The dispatch center can be considered the prototype of the situational center, the agency writes. It does not exclude that the Lipetsk center will be created similar to the centers that have already been opened in the constituent entities of Russia.

The winner of the auction will be determined at the end of May. The center itself should be ready by November 19.