Simple rules on how to protect yourself from midges and mosquitoes in spring

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On the eve of the May holidays, most of the townspeople are preparing for trips to the dacha or camp site. However, outdoor recreation is often overshadowed by clouds of insects attacking people. How to protect yourself and loved ones from annoying hordes of mosquitoes, read our material.

Midges do not tolerate the smell of vanillin. The spice is bought in any store and diluted with water in equal proportions. The solution is applied to open areas of the body. Vanillin is absolutely safe for babies, so you can safely use it, writes Volgogradskaya

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Mosquitoes can be repelled by smells of sage, anise, and cloves. Adults can use alcoholic herbal infusions, and herbal decoctions are made for children. The product is also used on exposed areas of the skin. Essential oils based on these herbs work in the same way, and they are sold in regular stores. They are applied to the wrists, temples and ears. After an insect bite, the oil will help relieve swelling and reduce itching.

Prepared tincture of wormwood will help keep mosquitoes and flies away. Leaves of mountain ash and bird cherry have similar properties.

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In nature, you can try to scare away midges with smoke from a fire. Wormwood, branches and pine cones need to be thrown into the fire. The smoke from these plants will be dense and thick.

Midges and mosquitoes love dark and bright colors, so in the spring and summer, you should give preference to light-colored clothing.

If you do get bitten, wipe the area with a special gel, water solution of soda, or calendula tincture. If an allergic reaction occurs, it is better to immediately consult a specialist.