Silver Fawn & Black Teacup Pugs for Sale – Everything you need to know!

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Are you the one who constantly searches “White pugs for sale near me” or “pugs for sale near me” on Google? Well, we have something for you! Today we will help you decide the best pug for yourself. So, stay tuned!

In the show ring, the AKC (American Kennel Club) recognizes two colours for Pugs: fawn (S 082) and black (S 007).But, because of the fact that different colours are available, an AKC Pug can be silver. It can also be apricot (also known as apricot-fawn), or even the unusual and contentious brindle.

In the case of a Pug that is not a standard colour, the AKC will usually grant you registration with the appropriate colour or pattern. This will list as an alternate colour if you register your Pug via postal mail and send in photos of your pug that show the non-standard coat.

A pug of any colour can have registration. But this does not imply that the colour will get approval in the show ring. When competing in AKC conformation contests, dogs of any colour other than fawn or black do not qualify. You should note that the American Kennel Club (AKC), used to allow both silver and apricot-fawn pugs. According to the FCI and the KCUK, the Pug puppies for sale can be in four colours: silver, apricot, fawn, and black.

Types of Fawn


Because the American Kennel Club recognizes two colours for the Pug, the fawn is a versatile colour. Other well-recognized kennel associations, like the FCI and the KC, make this easy by accepting apricot and silver coat colours. The CKC describes Fawn as a light to medium cream colour when used with these clubs.

Pugs of any colour other than black, including fawn, have black ears and black masks.

Silver Fawn and Silver


Yet, many owners of silver or silver fawn Pug may describe their dogs as a fawn. This happens especially if the registration documents show that their pups are fawn. Because, as the name says, the silver fawn is a kind of fawn. It is a very light hue, and in fact, it is the lightest colour that a Pug can be. In a poll of 3000 applicants, 3% of respondents described their Pugs as silver-fawn or silver.

The American Kennel Club does not accept this as a standard colour. Although it may allow a request for a silver-fawn Pug to register as such using an alternate colour. If this is the case, the AKC will only react to petitions that happen over postal mail. There are two coat colours permitted by the FCI and the KCI: silver and silver-fawn. Both are the same coat colour but are distinct designations in the FCI and the KCI.

Silver or silver-fawn Pugs can have any or both of the following markings: a trace and/or a fingerprint. Both of which are sought for in the show ring by all major kennel clubs.

Black Teacup Pugs

It’s rather astonishing how different the two major colours of Pugs are. Fawn is a very light cream with black ears and a mask. While black teacup Pugs are almost the polar opposite with a deep, dark black coat with black ears and mask. Of course, the ears and mask are also black, but there is no obvious distinction between them and the rest of the Pug, which is all black.

Even though many black Pugs have solid coats, it is possible for them to have a little white marking on their chest. If such a marking is present, it is generally located on the chest. When Pugs reach their senior years, grey hairs may emerge on their faces or in various places of the body. This is especially visible in black Pugs, who have a darker coat. Pugs with black coats are less common than those with fawn coats.

Behavior and Personality Traits Based on Colour


There is a lot of speculation over whether the Pug has inbred character qualities that change based on the colour of its coat. A dog’s activity level, attitude, and behavioural oddities are not affected by the coat’s coloration.

Yet, it is simple to jump to the conclusion that colour is important in this context. For example, a black Pug may be livelier than his fawn counterpart. Besides, there are as many owners who have lively fawns as there are owners who have laid-back black Pugs and vice versa. Every dog is an individual, and Pugs will all have their own distinct personality, regardless of their coat coloration.

White Pugs

A white Pug is a Pug dog that has a coat that is either completely white or almost completely white.Pugs do not have a designated coat colour, and this is one of them. The AKC breed standard specifies that Pugs should be fawn or black in colour.

Pursuing purebred Pug pups that are close to white by breeding from the palest fawn dogs over many generations, some breeders have succeeded in achieving this goal.As a result, dogs with pug-like personalities are the first preference of owners. Yet, breeding within a narrow gene pool in order to get the lightest possible coloration might have negative consequences for the animals’ health.

Rarely, albino Pugs are born with a white coat, although this does happen. These Pugs can also have immaculate pedigrees, but the genetic mutation that causes albinism can also result in health issues of its own in the affected individuals.

The majority of Pugs have coats that have two layers of fur, an inner coat and an exterior coat. Some black Pugs are single coated, but not all of them. As a result, a proportion of black-coated Pugs may shed less than fawn, apricot, or sliver-coated counterparts.