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If you’re interested in trying ultra-premium vodka, look no further than Au vodka. The premium vodka begins with the best grain grown in the English countryside and is blended with pristine spring water. It is then filtered through gold. The result is vodka that’s both smooth and luxurious. And the company claims that it has experienced a 97% drop in fraudulent orders since it launched. And with all the great taste and unique flavour combinations, it’s no wonder that Au Vodka has become a brand of choice.

Au Vodka’s Premium Vodka is inspired by gold

Au Vodka is an ultra-premium UK spirit that combines British heritage and luxurious ingredients to create an exceptional ultra premium vodka. Its namesake is inspired by gold, a metal with the atomic number 79 and the symbol Au. Its distinctive gold bottle makes it instantly recognisable. The ultra-premium vodka is also perfect for a martini or on the rocks.

The brand combines premium ingredients with British heritage to create ultra-premium vodkas and gilded merchandise that give customers a unique experience. The company experienced explosive growth through its direct-to-consumer online presence, but it was plagued by high fraud rates, which led to product losses and chargebacks. After implementing Signifyd’s fraud-free payment solution, Au Vodka has been able to successfully introduce premium spirits to new markets.

The two co-founders are also experts in the culinary industry. One of them studied at the University of Johannesburg and has a background in cooking. His experience with cooking has helped him create a fine-dining establishment, which now houses its own distillery. The distillery is home to Au Vodka, as well as a variety of other fine alcoholic drinks. Among their other projects, the two aim to create a high-quality and unique product that will have a lasting impact on the food and beverage industries.

Au Blue Raspberry is a fruit fusion

Known for combining award-winning vodka with the sweet taste of raspberries, Au Blue Raspberry is a fruit fusion that is sure to be a hit. It is best served on the rocks, and it goes well in a cocktail, too. The juiciness of the blue colour is sure to impress. It comes in a lovely gold bottle, too. But the best part about Au Blue Raspberry is its incredible price tag.

AU has kept the exact fruit combination under wraps, but they did tell us that the combination includes notes of raspberry and bold blue colour. The award-winning vodka is made with the same traditional vodka recipe, but the fusion of fruit has a unique flavour. Whether you drink it on the rocks, with lemonade or in a cocktail, you’re sure to enjoy Au Blue Raspberry.

Unlike other fruit fusion vodkas, Au Blue Raspberry uses 5 times distilled vodka, which gives it a rich, vibrant color. It’s also gluten-free and kosher. The award-winning vodka is also made in England, so it’s easy to find it in your local market. The only thing that you should watch out for is that the brand has a high alcohol content, so if you’re looking for a boozy drink, Au Blue Raspberry is the way to go.

Au Vodka has seen a 97% decrease in fraudulent orders

Signifyd’s fraud prevention solution is designed to prevent customer chargebacks, allowing Au Vodka to maintain a high percentage of approved orders. With Au Vodka’s success, the solution has helped them increase their online sales by 133% during peak months. The solution has made Au Vodka confident in introducing its premium spirits to a broader market, without the risk of chargebacks.