Showman Gudkov confessed to hatred of the Stand Up star Shcherbakov

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The famous showman Alexander Gudkov spoke about how he evaluates some colleagues in the humorous workshop. According to him, for a long time he had an extremely negative attitude towards the Stand Up star Alexei Shcherbakov.

According to him, he could not stand this comedian and refused to star in a popular show because of his presence, according to StarHit.

According to him, at one time he tried to deliberately make himself fall in love with Shcherbakov. However, he still hated it.

Gudkov added that in psychology there is such a concept as idiosyncrasy, when “genetically you cannot digest something, and it does not depend on me.” At a personal meeting with Shcherbakov, the showman spoke about his dislike. He admitted that every time Shcherbakov starts talking, he turns off the show.

However, the artist was once able to look at his colleague from a different perspective. It happened on the site of a music show, where they acted as partners. “And this creature destroyed my myth, because he was at the top of my hatred, along with the rotavirus,” Gudkov admitted. According to him, now he has no one to hate.

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