Short Term Disability Insurance

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Disables are considered with their inability to do work due to illness, accident or injury. Staying out of a job, office or missing the earning opportunities in one’s prime working days is the biggest nightmare one can have. As disability directly impacts your income, do you want your household finances to get affected?

INSTANT DISABILITY completely understands the problems that get followed due to disability such as dependence on others for performing even simple and basic daily activities, psychological problems like mental health issues to financial stability.

But there is nothing to get worried about because now we have a short term disability insurance policy available for you.

Why to have a short term disability insurance policy?

  • A short term disability insurance policy is the best-structured insurance policy for individuals who often suffer from disability or move frequently in and out of disability.
  • Short term disability insurance as provided by INSTANT DISABILITY is the best affordable and trusted insurance company available in the market and people from low income levels or groups can also afford the policy and create the opportunity themselves to secure their future from vulnerabilities.
  • Most part of your lost income will be covered in the insurance policy as the policy benefits are built in the most generous ways.
  • Policy is written in the simplest possible ways and is not at all complicated to understand. 
  • Filing for the insurance claim is also easy and hustle-free. We completely understand what a person with a disability goes through so, the intent behind is to provide disability insurance claims as soon as possible so that the expenses of the INSTANT DISABILITY INSURANCE holders are taken care of to the earliest possible time. 
  • INSTANT DISABILITY INSURANCE policy recommends short-term disability insurance for self-employed individuals or gig economy workers, low income individuals because they do not have a stable income source as well as their savings are often not much that can bear the financial burden caused due to disability.
  • Individuals involved in the riskier jobs and having health issues need the short term disable insurance services the most.
  • Our services and assistance can also be accessed through online channels and also through our agents.


In recent years with increasing industries, technology and modernization there is a high demand for working people in various sectors so the workforce participation has also increased with women matching the men in labor force participation. But, this has also increased the vulnerability of these people due to the risk involved with their jobs so why not to have a short term disable insurance from INSTANT DISABILITY.

While many employers don’t provide insurance security to their employees, INSTANT DISABILITY works as a substitute to provide you the best affordable and trusted short term disable insurance to all those who are left out of the insurance . 


  • We aim at working towards providing a stable future with income security so that financial insecurity doesn’t lead you towards a rough future and your family doesn’t have to suffer from financial burden caused due to disability