Shift work has a negative impact on health

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In the modern world, it is not always possible to choose a job, and its schedule, too. Therefore, you often have to work in shifts. It turned out that working at night is unhealthy.

Recent research has shown that irregular schedule and shift work negatively affects human health and immunity. These problems arise due to a violation of circadian rhythms, since a person eats and sleeps at different times throughout the week.

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Scientists in the course of work created a mathematical model to study the violation of the circadian clock. They investigated how shift work affects the immune system and its fight against various infections, writes MedicForum.

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Experts have found that the immune response depends on the time of infection and that the most dangerous for a person is the time before going to bed. This period is the most vulnerable for the body, when it is least prepared to fight infections. In addition, the severity of the disease is also affected by the sex of the person.