Shapsha: “Kaluga will be called the city of toilets”

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In Kaluga, the issue of lack of toilets has been raised again. This time, residents addressed this problem to Governor Vladislav Shapsha himself during a direct line on Wednesday, April 21.

“The issue of toilets is so controversial and controversial. You must have been to different cities, everywhere there are toilets on the streets, everywhere in different ways. Somewhere they use the nodes of cafes, restaurants, somewhere they just have toilets. But I think, seeing our correspondence in different directions as soon as we install the network of toilets, Kaluga will immediately be called the city of toilets. Judging by the optimism of the statements, this is quite real, “Shapsha said.

The governor suggested once again to consult with the residents themselves on this issue, if they speak out positively, then this can be done with the involvement of contractors. Then toilets will be installed in every block.

The problem with the lack of public toilets in Kaluga has been talked about for a very long time. This is one of the urgent problems of the city, which is trying to solve more than one gorgolov of Kaluga.