Several new laws and regulations come into force in Russia in May

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Since the beginning of May, several innovations come into force in the Russian Federation, which citizens should know about.

So, according to the decree of Rospotrebnadzor, Russians returning from abroad are required to be tested twice for coronavirus.

The government decree on compulsory remote work for citizens over 65 has come to an end. Now employers decide this issue on their own.

From May 1, additional payments to the pensions of pilots, navigators, aviation engineers, mechanics, radio operators, miners and workers of the coal industry have been appointed. The amount of the increase is individual for each pensioner.

Fines have been introduced for disembarking children who have not bought a ticket from public transport, as well as for violating the rules for crossing railway tracks. The railway cannot be crossed outside the crossing, it is forbidden to leave on the track when the barrier is closed or opening, as well as at a red traffic light.

Another innovation concerns the education of children of citizens working in law enforcement agencies. He received the right of preferential enrollment in the universities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Russian Guard.

Recall that we recently said that freshmen in Russia can be exempted from paying for a hostel.