Seven places of power of Crimea: where to go hiking on a weekend in May

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Places of power are locations on the body of the Earth, where there is a special concentration of energy. It can ooze from the bowels of the planet or shine from distant space – the essence does not change. Such sources of foreign power currents are well felt by sensitive people tuned in to receive information from a subtle plane. But the places of power of the Crimea are so bright that even a materialist will feel them, because it is impossible not to succumb to the magic of the Crimean nature.

There are many such locations on the peninsula. Basically, with rare exceptions, they are of miraculous origin. There are famous, popular among tourists, and there are those that only a few dedicated people know about.

High Spirit Bay

Few know about this place. Basically, these are practicing esotericists who are reluctant to reveal to outsiders exactly where they are conducting conversations with the Cosmos. The “source of power” is located in a picturesque corner of the Azov coast, near the village of Osoviny, not far from Kerch. Getting there is quite difficult: you need to overcome the obstacle course of the rocky coast from the Lighthouse or go down at an inconspicuous turn along the old road from the highway leading to Yurkino. Around the colorful houses, boarding houses nest, vacationers make noise and splash in the warm sea. And here, at the pile of salt rocks, no one. The bay seems to be covered with an invisible dome that protects from prying attention. And only for those who really want to touch the secrets of the universe, to feel the presence of the High Spirit, the gate opens to a parallel reality …

Magnet on Mithridates

On one of the hills of the Mithridates ridge, among the hollows and tall grasses, a Magnet Stone is hidden. Despite the fact that it is located almost in the very center of Kerch, very close to residential areas, it is not so easy to find it. The stone is a vertical rock, on the surface of which mysterious symbols are carved – the Latin letter R and five circles enclosed in a large white circle … Local esotericists have long noted the unusualness of this place. Whether the cosmic force was involved in this is unknown. However, it is impossible to deny that calmness and serenity really fill the soul when walking along these ancient hills.

Forest in Red Kerch

Not far from the city limits, an old forest stretches towards the stars. In fact, this is a forest belt, and not so ancient, originally from the 60s of the last century. But to those who find themselves here, especially at dusk, it seems as if around a mossy enchanted thicket. Crooked branches stroke the traveler’s cheeks with knotty fingers, a stunted blackthorn grabs his legs, and among the thickets one sees the Sleeping Beauty’s castle … The neighborhood of this line is strange – a half-abandoned plant named after. Voikova, Tsarsky Kurgan and a summer cottage village called Krasnaya Kerch. But vanity has no power over this piece of nature. Here the metallic clanging of factory jaws ceases, the chatter of tourists visiting a historical landmark does not reach here, the crows of roosters living in summer cottages are muffled. An amazing silence reigns in the forest. Everyone who finds himself in these thickets feels peace and inner warmth. All problems disappear, neuroses recede, and consciousness clears up. Nothing remains but the present moment, the pines and the sky. But the point is not even in the most frequent, but in the fractures of the earth’s crust, radiating an unknown force. It is these radiation that bends the branches of the local pines, forcing the trunks to bifurcate, which makes the trees look like praying sun worshipers.

Kara-Dag massif

Volcanoes have always been associated with power and strength among humanity. The Kara-Dag mountain range in Koktebel is also a volcano, albeit an extinct one. This is one of the most famous and “promoted” places of power in Crimea. The wind singing over the steppe, the frozen fingers of the rocks, the sea splashing at the foot – all this bewitches, plunges into a trance. This place is legendary. It is near Kara-Dag that a giant sea serpent lives, for many centuries crawling out to bask in the sun’s rays on the stones of a sleeping volcano. Near the arch “Golden Gate” electronics fail, gadgets become useless pieces of plastic. What is this, if not the impact of energy from other dimensions that seeped into our world? The only negative is the impossibility of being left alone with the primordial source of energy. “Black Mountain” is a nature reserve, so you can wander along the winding paths only when accompanied by a guide.

Cape Meganom

Meganom is located between Sudak and Koktebel. Its four-fingered foot stretched out far into the sea, scooping up schools of silver fish. Megan can be safely called a full-fledged peninsula of the second order. Its bony body consists of small capes – Rybachy, Tolstoy, Bogaz and Meganom directly. This is perhaps one of the most powerful places of power on the peninsula. His asceticism contributes to a special concentration on the higher spheres. Waterless hills, badlands devoid of vegetation, boulders scorching by the sun, transparent salt waves … The legends associated with this place have an ominous color. They tell the story of a ghostly boy who calls for him into the abyss. There is also a no less ghostly, plaintively bleating lamb, which also carries away into the abyss from the cliff. It is not entirely clear what explains such bloodthirstiness of quite harmless-looking creatures. Perhaps it is some dark forces that have assumed an innocent appearance, luring unsuspecting tourists to certain death, in order to feed them with souls to the very Darkness. Be that as it may, while spending the night on Meganom, you should remain vigilant. The lamb may not appear, but it is easy to stumble on the crumbling rock.

Bear Mountain

Between Partenit and Gurzuf, a cyclopean bear bowed to the sea, falling to the waves in an unquenchable thirst. This is the Ayu-Dag volcano, Bear Mountain, one of the most famous places of power on the South Coast. What do not shaggy bear flanks conceal in thickets of oak and pistachio. There are pagan sanctuaries, UFO observation points, and places for deep meditation with connection to cosmic energy. It is believed that in the dark, the otherworldly inhabitants of these forests are activated and become visible to mere mortals. Entity hunters spend their nights here, watching mysterious silhouettes flicker through the woods and glide against the backdrop of the full moon. Ufologists are enthusiastically looking for sites for “flying saucers”, and yogis fall into a deep trance at the crossroads of the energy flows of the Earth and the Cosmos.

Temple of the Sun

Over the azure waters of Laspi Bay, on the Ilyas-Kaya mountain, a stone flower opened up towards the sun. Geologists believe that this is the result of the destruction of the mountain and the lotus petals are randomly located randomly among the forest thickets. However, the “correctness” of their placement suggests other thoughts, inclining to mystical theories of the origin of this attraction. Esotericists are sure that the Temple of the Sun is nothing more than an observatory for observing space flights, a point of communication with extraterrestrial intelligence, or a ritual labyrinth designed to help in communication with the other world. Among ordinary superstitious citizens, there is an opinion that giant boulders make wishes come true. One has only to wait for the first ray of the sun to fall on the altar-stone in the heart of the flower, and make a wish that will surely come true. Walking there, you can see a lot of notes with wishes. Do they come true? Probably yes. After all, if you believe in a miracle, it will definitely happen. Especially if the places of power of Crimea help in this.

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