Sergei Zverev shocked the Russians with a photo from the demobilization album

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57-year-old notorious Russian stylist, actor, singer and TV presenter Sergei Zverev again shocked the audience. No, not a new shocking look, but quite the opposite. By February 23, he posted his photo in full dress army uniform from the demobilization album, which caused considerable surprise to his Instagram subscribers. Despite his young age, Corporal Zverev looked courageous and stern.

“My photo is from the Dembel Album,” the designer wrote in a message to the photo. He also congratulated everyone who served and paid their debt to the Motherland, defending the honor of the country.

“I am in the photo in the first year of my service in the ranks of the Soviet Army,” Zverev added, noting that he served in the air defense forces.

“I’m shocked and wouldn’t know. And I didn’t know that they served. My respect only grows … Just bravo,” one of the subscribers immediately reacted.

“All the same, our boys are the most beautiful,” another reader joined.

“In this photo you are so real. The kid is absolutely, but – a defender,” – wrote the third fan.