Senator spoke about categories of citizens entitled to two pensions

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Disabled people and participants in the Great Patriotic War have the right to receive two pensions at the same time. In some cases, two pensions – military and old-age – may also be received by former law enforcement officers. Yelena Bibikova, deputy head of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy, told about this, Parlamentskaya Gazeta writes on May 2.

She explained that the right applies to security officials who have earned a seniority pension and managed to develop 21 retirement points, as well as work experience – in 2021 it is 12 years.

Thus, they will receive two pensions – both through their department and on old age. The senator, however, recalled that the old-age pension consists of two parts – insurance and fixed. And she clarified that in this case, only its insurance part is assigned.

On April 24, Elena Bibikova said that early retirement due to old age is due to one of the parents involved in raising a disabled child up to eight years old. In this case, women can retire at 50 years old, but at the same time have a work experience of at least 15 years, and men – at 55 years of age with at least 20 years of work experience.