Senator from Buryatia became poorer by almost a million in a year

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Senator from Buryatia, ex-head of the republic Vyacheslav Nagovitsyna earned 6.16 million rubles in 2020. This is 945 thousand rubles less than in 2019. Nagovitsyn’s wife contributed 152 thousand rubles to the declaration.

In the category of movable and immovable property, the senator’s family did not change. As before, all “nedvizhka” is recorded on his wife. This is a house of 465 sq. m., two plots of land, a bath of 34 sq. m. and a garage of 72 sq. m.

The Nagovitsyns have two cars. Toyota Lexus RX350 is registered to the head of the family, KIA SLS is registered to Nina Nagovitsyna.

Another senator from Buryatia, former director of the State TV and Radio Company “Buryatia” Alexander Varfolomeev, was able to earn more in 2020 than in 2019. His current income is 5.59 million, which is 80 thousand more than the previous figures.

All members of the Federation Council announced their income. As before, the most affluent is the senator from Kamchatka Valery Ponomarev. The co-owner of Okeanrybflot earned 4.1 billion rubles.

Earlier, “MK in Buryatia” talked about the income of the head of Buryatia Alexei Tsydenov and his deputy chairmen over the past year. The richest of all turned out to be a newcomer to the government – Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Belarus and Minister of Agriculture of the Republic Galsan Dareyev. In 2020 (when he was still the rector of the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy) Dareyev earned 6.8 million rubles. Tsydenov has 5.14 million rubles.