Senator close to Trump admits Democrats have a ‘good chance’ of winning the White House

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Washington | Republican Senator Lindsey Graham acknowledged Thursday that Democrats had a “good chance” of winning the November 3 presidential election, but that this did not justify suspending confirmation of the judge appointed by Donald Trump to the Supreme Court.

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“You have a good chance of winning the White House,” said this close to the Republican president to his rivals, taking note of the dynamic which seems to carry Joe Biden against Donald Trump.

However, he deemed it legitimate to move forward to confirm conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett who is, according to him, “exactly the type of candidates one expects from a Republican president”, because of “who she is, how which she leads her life and her philosophy ”.

The judicial commission of the Senate that he chairs has therefore fixed, with the support of only elected Republican officials, for October 22, a first vote on the candidacy of this magistrate, fervent Catholic, opposed to abortion and mother of seven children.

This procedural vote will pave the way for the final vote, in plenary session, probably the week before the presidential election.

Given the Republican majority in this chamber (53 seats out of 100), Judge Barrett should, except surprise, obtain the necessary green light to enter the High Court and replace the progressive icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died on September 18.

“It’s a shame,” said Senator Amy Klobuchar, recalling that the Republicans had refused in 2016 to hear a judge appointed to the Supreme Court by President Barack Obama, on the pretext that the elections were too close.

“Millions and millions of people are voting while we discuss,” she added, pleading, like her colleagues, to await the verdict of the ballot box.

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