Security officials in Minsk beat employees of “KP-Belarus” with truncheons

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The riot policemen in Minsk beat the journalist and driver of the Belarusian “Komsomolskaya Pravda” newspaper, editor-in-chief Andrei Levkovsky with truncheons.

According to him, the journalist, together with his colleagues, covered the opposition rally in the Serebryanka area, he was in the “Press” vest, introduced himself and showed his accreditation, but this did not stop the security officials.

“Our driver brought a correspondent, photographer and operator to the place. Immediately, riot police arrived, attacked them and the protesters, ”RIA Novosti quotes Levkovsky.

The photographer and cameraman escaped, and correspondent Gennady Mozheiko tried to hide in the editorial machine.

Levkovsky said that the riot police demanded that they leave the car, and when the newspaper employees went out and introduced themselves, they were asked to open the trunk.

“The driver opened the trunk and hit the legs with a truncheon. And he got the second truncheon on his legs … To put it off, they hit him several times on his legs. They say that we are running around the city after you and the protesters, you don’t give us life, ”said the editor-in-chief of the publication.

According to him, now the journalists are going to record the beatings and file a complaint with the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Earlier it was reported that the security forces in Minsk stormed the entrances of residential buildings on Rokossovsky Avenue in search of protesters. In addition, the police pursued small groups of young people who took refuge in the courtyards of multi-storey buildings.

Mass protests have been taking place in Belarus since August 9, on that day, presidential elections were held in the country. The current head of state, Alexander Lukashenko, according to the CEC, got 80.08% of the vote, opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya was supported by 10.09% of voters. Tikhanovskaya’s headquarters did not recognize the results of the vote.

After that, people who disagreed with the election results began to take to the streets. They are opposed by the security forces. In the clashes, there are casualties from both sides.

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