Sean Hannity blasts Biden’s speech; it was addressed to his ‘radical, socialist base’

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Sean Hannity criticized Joe Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress Wednesday, saying he was addressing “the concerns of what is his radical, socialist base.” 

SEAN HANNITY: Of course, tonight, shortly after congratulating himself on his COVID response Joe then quickly moved to address the concerns of what is his radical, socialist base – that is the new Democratic Socialist Party – outlining his very own green new deal including a fully clean “green” power grid, environmental renovations for thousands of homes and schools and buildings, and 500,000 electric charging stations for electric cars that Americans have not shown much interest in. A massive expansion of Medicaid, and apparently massive new government subsidies for wind turbines and other forms of green energy.


Now, the logical question is, how much? And who’s paying for it, Joe?…Biden’s green infrastructure investment plan alone costs $2.3 trillion. Add that to his social welfare plan, his new COVID spending package, and we’re talking about over $6 trillion in new spending. And you, the American people, you will be covering that tab.

Mark my words, everyone that pays taxes will be forced to pay for these massive spending bills. I say it over and over again, corporations don’t pay taxes. They will pass the tax loss to you, and you’ll pay more for goods and for services and for energy, all at the same time. You will pay for it, let’s be clear. America does not have a revenue problem…we have a government spending problem, and Joe wants to make it far worse.


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