Scientists have revealed the relationship of blood groups with alcoholism

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Most people with alcoholism have blood group II. Such conclusions were made by scientists from the United States, conducting relevant studies among Americans and Japanese with this ailment.

The most resistant to excessive alcohol consumption were those of the I blood group.

Trying to establish the reasons for alcohol abuse, experts admitted that the relationship between blood type and a tendency to alcoholism may be influenced by the peculiarities of the adrenal glands, which provoke a lack of glucose in the blood.

The body, feeling a deficiency of sugar, at a subconscious level, tries to compensate for it and makes a person reach for a bottle of alcohol. At the same time, stress can also provoke alcoholism, experts admitted.

Experts recommended people with blood group II to consume red wine in moderation, then the effect of alcohol on the body will be positive. The drink will help dissolve cholesterol plaques and improve the functioning of the digestive tract.

The fact that the use of red and white dry wines in reasonable quantities can affect the increase in life expectancy, nutritionist Olga Shmeleva told in April.

Medicine has not yet proven this, but the expert assures that the Italians and French who regularly drink such wines, doctors observe an improved quality of cholesterol metabolism. Shmeleva also pointed to the low calorie content of these drinks.